OpenACC, a well-established directive-based high-level programming model, is designed to provide an easy on-ramp to parallel computing on CPUs, GPUs and other devices. The user-friendly programming model has facilitated acceleration of over 300 applications including VASP, COSMO, GTS, E3SM and FV3 and has been seen as an entry-level programming model for supercomputers such as Summit, Sunway Taihulight, and Piz Daint. 

As in previous years, we have planned a BoF at SC in 2020 and invite all HPC developers, computational scientists and researchers to join us, share their experiences in adopting OpenACC for their codes, and learn about the latest developments in the specification and roadmaps on compilers and tools.

The detailed agenda and remote connection details will be updated as soon as they are available. Please stay tuned!