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Accelerated Insights Blog

  1. Introduction to Technical Committee Blog Posts

    Michael Wolfe

    Hi!  I'm the chair of the OpenACC technical committee, which meets regularly to discuss the OpenACC directives, API calls, implementations, applications, training and more.  Here, I will post a short report roughly once a week about a topic that the technical committee is currently discussing.  
    I expect most of these will be about new features being discussed for addition to OpenACC.  We are currently tracking about 50 possible new features, ranging from the mundane (define "scalar"), to the simple (add an "if" clause to the host_data construct) to the very complex (multiple device support).
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  2. Current Work on Error Handling

    Michael Wolfe

    Error Handling

    OpenACC has a bunch of directives and API routines, and there are a number of error conditions that can arise.  Consider, for instance, the following program fragment:

    #pragma acc loop present(x[0:n])
    for(i=0;i<n;++i) x[i] = x[i] + 1;

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