Who can become an OpenACC Champion?

Anyone who is currently, or has recently been, involved in a research project that uses OpenACC, or anyone who is teaching or is planning to start teaching OpenACC and is prepared to actively participate in activities helping scientists learn about and start using OpenACC in their research can become an OpenACC champion.

OpenACC Champion’s responsibilities

  1. Educate computational scientists on how OpenACC can help in their research
  2. Promote OpenACC at events by giving talks, organizing tutorials, meetups and related events.
  3. Conduct OpenACC workshops to help train scientists to use OpenACC to optimize their codes
  4. Publish OpenACC research results including peer-reviewed papers, blogs, and other media
  5. Participate in OpenACC Champions quarterly meetings to share experience and feedback

OpenACC.org responsibilities

  1. Promote champions as well as their OpenACC research and events hosted by them
  2. Regularly update on OpenACC specification development, courses, events, and resources.
  3. Provide teaching kits with code samples, slide decks and a recommended workshop structure
  4. Organize train-the-trainer educational seminars
  5. Provide technical assistance in OpenACC related research and workshops
  6. Facilitate discussion within OpenACC Champions forums to share feedback and plan activities