The OpenACC specification is developed by OpenACC organization members based on the feedback provided by OpenACC users. Proposed new features to the current specification are published in Technical Reports (TR) and made available for review by users. To submit your feedback, please email to

TR-16-1 proposes a solution to the deep copy problem. The report discusses an important change in behavior for the current OpenACC data clauses to allow manual top-down deep copy and provides a small set of declarative directives to define true deep copy behavior for a whole data structure.

> Download OpenACC 2.6 Final Changes Document (November 2017)

> Download OpenACC 2.6 Public Review Draft (September 2017)

> Download ISC17 OpenACC 2.6 Specification Update (June 2017)

> Download the latest Technical Report: Deep Copy Attach and Detach (TR-16-1)

Creating a new version of the specification is an iterative process that is designed not only to develop a high quality document but also collect user feedback at each step along the way. Once a technical report is approved and a new specification is close to being ratified, the Proposed Specification document is released to the user group for feedback.