The OpenACC organization relies on the active participation of researchers, computational scientists and developers to not only shape the development of the OpenACC specification, but also provide timely, relevant feedback on tools, resources and training opportunities needed by the community.

From domain-specific use cases of OpenACC directives-based programming to hands-on Open Hackathons that drive the acceleration and optimization of your scientific codes, our Organization welcomes your collaboration and encourages you to take an active role in influencing the future of both the OpenACC specification and our Organization itself.

OpenACC User Group

Every member of the OpenACC Community can join the OpenACC User Group to participate in discussions, events, education and research, and other OpenACC user activities.

OpenACC User Group Roles:

  • Drives the development of the OpenACC specification
  • Educates the scientific community on using OpenACC
  • Collaborates on OpenACC-related research and activities
  • Meets regularly to share experiences and best practices

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