We have prepared a packed agenda and also looking forward to learning more about your requests for features, feedback and suggestions for OpenACC to continue to enable more science and less programming. See you Tuesday, November 19th at 5:15PM in the room 702.


Speaker Topic
Duncan Poole, President, OpenACC (5 minutes) OpenACC - Going Beyond the Specification
Jack Wells, Vice President, OpenACC (8 minutes) OpenACC’s impact within the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility
Todd Hutchinson, IBM and Rich Loft, NCAR (10 minutes) IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF) and Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS)
Mozhgan Kabiri Chimeh, UK Sheffield (10 minutes) To Hack or not to Hack : Sheffield GPU Hackathon Success story
Peter Schwartz (Speaker), Dali Wang, Fengming Yuan, and Peter Thornton, ORNL (10 minutes) High-resolution land model implementation on Summit using OpenACC
Michael Wolfe, OpenACC Technical Committee Chair (8 minutes) OpenACC 3.0
Martijn Marsman (Speaker), University Vienna (10 minutes) Porting VASP to GPU using OpenACC
Thomas Schwinge, Mentor Graphics (8 minutes) Updates on GCC-OpenACC
Welcoming our new members to OpenACC – ETH, Switzerland; RIKEN, Japan; NCHC, Taiwan; U.Tsukuba, Japan

Complete list of OpenACC activities at SC19

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