Barbara Chapman Joins OpenACC Organization
May. 2, 2022

Organization announces a new incoming vice president in an ongoing commitment to deliver value to the community.

St. Paul, Minnesota- May 2, 2022 -, a nonprofit organization  dedicated to helping the research and developer community advance science by expanding their accelerated and parallel computing skills, has announced Barbara Chapman, Distinguished Technologist for the Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) Cray Programming Environment at HPE, as the newly appointed vice president.

Advancing the OpenACC Organization Mission

The  OpenACC organization continues efforts to create a bridge to heterogeneous programming  by focusing on participating in computing ecosystem development and providing hands-on training and education on state-of-the art programming models, resources and tools as well as developing the OpenACC specification.

As incoming vice president, Barbara Chapman will bring her expertise in both computational science and computer science to advance the Organization’s mission across all three focal areas.  Chapman’s work on programming models for large-scale computing with a focus on node programming, strategies for runtime optimizations, compiler-tool interactions and high-level programming models for embedded systems makes her a tremendous asset.

“As future systems come online in the exascale era, I am excited to see what new platforms arise to support science given the enormous rate of innovation in both hardware and software. Software programming needs to be more intuitive, portable across platforms and adaptable without any compromise in performance,” said Chapman. “ I am keenly interested in the new classes of users that will rely on these computational resources and how we can help facilitate successful deployments and ensure good user experiences related to productivity, application scalability and performance. This is completely aligned with the OpenACC Organization’s mission.” 

Chapman succeeds Jack Wells, who now serves as OpenACC President.

“We are delighted to have Barbara join our team. She is an inspirational leader in the field of computer science with world-renowned expertise in parallel programming models and their implementation,” said Jack Wells. “Barbara’s decades of experience in high-performance computing and education coupled with her outstanding ability to foster community will greatly contribute to our Organization’s mission, enabling us to continue to bring value to our community members all around the world.”

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The OpenACC Organization is dedicated to helping the research and developer community advance science by expanding their accelerated and parallel computing skills. We have three areas of focus: developing the OpenACC specification; providing training and education on programming models, resources and tools; and participating in the computing ecosystem development. Please visit for more information.

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