OpenACC 2019 Year in Review: It's a Wrap
Jan. 24, 2020

OpenACC Highlights 2019 Year In Review contains a recap of the accomplishments and achievements across the OpenACC Organization for the year. Learn about OpenACC and join upcoming events.

In this issue:

  1. Readying the HPC Community for Exascale
  2. Updated Specification: OpenACC 3.0
  3. Global Hackathons and a New Website
  4. GPU Bootcamps 
  5. GTC 2019
  6. PASC 2019
  7. OpenACC Annual Meeting
  8. WACCPD 2019
  9. On-Demand Webinar: OpenACC: Directives for the Next-Generation Workforce
  10. Video Tutorials: OpenACC Selected Topics
  11. Online Video Course: OpenACC Programming