OpenACC and Open Hackathons Highlights: April 2023
Apr. 28, 2023

Stay up-to-date on the latest updates: This month's edition covers the Open Hackathon Mentor Program, a highlight from a team at the recent UK National Hackathon, upcoming Open Hackathons and Bootcamps, and more!! 
In this issue:

  1. OpenACC and Open Hackathons Monthly Highlights: April 2023 
  2. Who is OpenACC? 
  3. OpenACC Specification Momentum: Wide Adoption Across Key HPC Codes
  4. Open Hackathons Mentor Program
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Glimpse from the UK National Hackathon
  7. What are the Risks of Relying on Fortran?
  8. Paper: Accelerating Radiative Transfer Simulation on NVIDIA GPUs with OpenACC
  9. Paper: Thread-Safe Lattice Boltzmann for High-Performance Computing on GPUs
  10. Paper: Optimization Strategies for Multi-Block Structured CFD Simulation Based on Sunway TaihuLight
  11. Website: Technical Resources
  12. Stay in the Know: Join the Community
  13. Learn more at