OpenACC Highlights: February 2021
Feb. 25, 2021

Stay up-to-date on the latest news, events and resources for the OpenACC community. This month’s Highlights covers the GPU Hackathon Mentor Program, the Helmholtz virtual hackathon, GTC21, upcoming GPU Hackathons and Bootcamps, and new resources!

In this issue:

  1. OpenACC Monthly Highlights: January 2021 
  2. What is OpenACC? 
  3. OpenACC Growing Momentum: Wide Adoption Across Key HPC Codes
  4. Become a GPU Hackathon Mentor
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Helmholtz Hackathon Went Virtual
  7. GPU Technology Conference (GTC) '21
  8. XSEDE HPC Workshop: GPU Programming Using OpenACC
  9. EPEEC Partners BSC and INESC-ID Improve Multi-Device Performance of OmpSs-2@OPENACC
  10. Paper: A 3D radiative transfer framework: XII. Many-core, vector and GPU methods
  11. Website: 
  12. Join the OpenACC Community
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