OpenACC Highlights: GTC Digital April 2020
Apr. 28, 2020

This special edition of the OpenACC Highlights focuses on the OpenACC content featured at GTC20, a completely digital event, including a broad range of sessions, posters, "Connect with Experts" and training.

In this issue:

1. OPENACC HIGHLIGHTS : Highlights from GTC Digital: April 2020 
2. What is OpenACC? 
3. GPU Technology Conference: A Flagship Conference for Developers 
4. NVIDIA’S GPU Technology Conference A Completely Digital Experience 
5. OPENACC at GTC :Across Disciplines and Platforms
6. “CONNECT WITH EXPERTS” Session On-Demand 
7. “Toward an Exascale Earth System Model with Machine Learning Components: An Update.” 
8. “Fully Exploiting a GPU Supercomputer for Seismic Imaging”
9. “Toward Industrial LES/DNS in Aeronautics: Leveraging OpenACC for Massively Parallel CPU+GPU Simulations.” 
10. “GPU-Accelerated Tabu Search and Large Neighborhood Search to Solve Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows” 
11. TUTORIAL: Multi-GPU Programming with Message Passing Inteface
12. POSTER: Optimizing Stencil Operations in OpenACC 
13. POSTER: Low-Cost OpenACC Porting of Matrix Solver with FP21-FP32-FP64 Computing: an Earthquake Application
14. POSTER: Runtime Analysis of Spatial Structure: A CUDA Implementation of Minkowski Functionals
15. POSTER: AceCAST GPU-Enabled Weather Research and Forecasting Model Development and Applications
16. POSTER: Accelerating Large Seismic Simulation Code with PACC Framework
17. STAY IN THE KNOW: Join the OpenACC Community.