OpenACC Highlights: January 2021
Jan. 31, 2021

Stay up-to-date on the latest news, events and resources for the OpenACC community. This month’s Highlights covers working on applications for the new Frontier supercomputer, using OpenACC for weather forecasting, upcoming GPU Hackathons and Bootcamps, and new resources!

In this issue:

  1. OpenACC Monthly Highlights: January 2021 
  2. What is OpenACC? 
  3. OpenACC Growing Momentum: Wide Adoption Across Key HPC Codes
  4. Programming for the Frontier Supercomputer: An Interview with Sunita Chandrasekaran
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Weather Forecasting with OpenACC
  7. On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing Stencil Operations with OpenACC
  8. Paper: Tinker-HP: Accelerating Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Large Complex Systems with Advanced Point Dipole Polarizable Force Fields using GPUs and Multi-GPUs Systems
  9. Paper: An Improved Framework of GPU Computing for CFD Applications on Structured Grids using OpenACC
  10. Presentation: OpenACC pgfortran: substantial speedups and beyond for the O3 Condensation algorithm for determinants and estimation
  11. Website: 
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