OpenACC Highlights: July 2022
Jul. 28, 2022

Stay up-to-date on the latest news, events and resources for the OpenACC community. This month's edition covers the OpenACC and Hackathons Summit 2022, NVIDIA’s Applied Research Accelerator Program, upcoming Open Hackathons and Bootcamps, recent research, new resources, and more!
In this issue:

  1. OpenACC and Open Hackathons Monthly Highlights: July 2022 
  2. What is OpenACC? 
  3. OpenACC Specification Momentum: Wide Adoption Across Key HPC Codes
  4. OpenACC and Hackathons Summit 2022
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. OpenACC and Hackathons Asia-Pacific Summit 2022
  7. NVIDIA's Applied Research Accelerator Program
  8. RUST GCC Front End Approved
  9. Paper: Developing an ELM Ecosystem Dynamics Model on GPU with OpenACC
  10. Paper: FluTAS: A GPU-Accelerated Finite Difference Code for Multiphase Flows
  11. Website: Technical Resources
  12. Stay in the Know: Join the Community
  13. Learn more at