OpenACC Highlights: June 2020
Jun. 25, 2020

This month's OpenACC Highlights focuses on using OpenACC for a biophysics problem, upcoming events, kicking off the 2020 GPU Hackathon series, HPC Summit Digital and more.

In this issue:

1. OpenACC Monthly Highlights: June 2020
2. What is OpenACC? 
3. OpenACC Growing Momentum:  Wide Adoption Across Key HPC Codes 
4. Blog: “From Undergrad Project to PLOS Cover: OpenACC for Biophysics 
5. Upcoming Events
6. HPC Summit Digital 
7. Blog: “From Materials Science to Modeling the Mind, 2020 GPU Hackathon Series Kicks Off”
8. OmpSs-2 New Release: Version 2020.06
9. Upcoming Talks—FortranCon 2020: “Highly Parallel Fortran and OpenACC Directives” with Jeff Larkin and Michael Wolfe 
10. Upcoming Talks—FortranCon 2020: “Evolving Fortran for Emerging Architectures: Lessons from the ICON-GPU Atmospheric Model” with William Sawyer 
11. Paper: GPU-acceleration of A High Order Finite Difference Code Using Curvilinear Coordinates by Marco Kupiainen, Jing Gong, Lilit Axner, Erwin Laure, and Jan Nordström 
12. Paper: Optimization of Tensor-product Operations in Nekbone on GPUs by Martin Karp, Niclas Jansson, Artur Podobas, Philipp Schlatter, and Stefano Markidis 
13. Join the OpenACC Community 
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