OpenACC June 2019 Highlights
Jun. 20, 2019

OpenACC June 2019 Highlights are full of the latest OpenACC news, events, user community resources and more. Learn about OpenACC and join upcoming events.

In this issue:

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. OpenACC Newly Elected Vice President
  3. 2019 OpenACC Annual Meeting
  4. GPU Bootcamp at RIKEN R-CCS
  5. Call for Papers: 6th Workshop on Accelerator Programming Using Directives at SC19
  6. Success Story: Achieving 20-300X performance improvements for CFD flow solver, Code LEO
  7. Online Video Course: OpenACC Programming
  8. Paper: MPI + OpenACC: Accelerating radiation transport mini-application, minisweep, on heterogeneous systems