OpenACC March 2019 Highlights
Mar. 31, 2019

OpenACC March 2019 Highlights are full of the latest OpenACC news, events, user community resources and more. Learn about OpenACC and join upcoming events.

In this issue:

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Webinar: OpenACC: Directives for the Next-Generation Workforce
  3. Speeding Research Computing: 2nd Annual GPU Hackathon at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
  4. NERSC, NVIDIA to Partner on Compiler Development for Perlmutter System
  5. Paper: GPU Acceleration of an Established Solar MHD Code using OpenACC by R. M. Caplan, J. A. Linker, Z. Mikić, C. Downs, T. Török, V. S. Titov
  6. Paper: Acceleration of Three-Dimensional Tokamak Magnetohydrodynamical Code with Graphics Processing Unit and OpenACC Heterogeneous Parallel Programming by H.W. Zhang, J. Zhu, Z.W. Ma, G. Y. Kan, X. Wang, W. Zhang
  7. Video Tutorial: OpenACC Selected Topics by Michael Wolfe, NVIDIA/PGI Compilers and Tools