Princeton's GPU Hackathon Pairs Industry Mentors with Researchers
Sep. 6, 2022

At the fourth annual GPU Hackathon at Princeton held in June, experts from NVIDIA, Princeton, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Boston College and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ​​worked with scientists to help them speed up their code.

Since 2019, Princeton has helped promote the use of GPUs to accelerate academic research by hosting GPU Hackathons. Run in collaboration with the OpenACC organization, these multi-day events are open to all researchers and developers and help teams of scientists optimize their research code for GPUs by coupling them with experienced programming experts. At Princeton's fourth annual GPU Hackathon last month, eight teams of researchers including Arizona State University, Prairie View A&M University, University of Cincinnati, and Johns Hopkins University, spent four days working with pairs of mentors learning how to make their software run much more quickly.