SPEC Delivers Major Update to SPECaccel Benchmark Suite
Nov. 9, 2023

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), the trusted global leader in computing benchmarks, today announced the availability of the SPECaccel 2023 benchmark suite, a major update to the SPEC ACCEL v1.4 benchmark. The SPECaccel 2023 benchmark suite measures the performance of key system components using computationally intensive parallel applications running under the OpenACC and OpenMP target offloading APIs. The updated suite includes larger workloads appropriate for modern accelerators, as well as expanded support for OpenMP target offload, such as metadirectives, which enables more relevant performance measurement of today's high performance systems.

The SPECaccel 2023 benchmark suite uses many of the original benchmarks from SPEC ACCEL V1.4, containing 12 application benchmarks ported to use OpenACC, OpenMP using "loop" constructs, OpenMP with "distribute" constructs favoring collapsing all loop levels, or OpenMP with "distribute" applied to outer loops and "simd" applied to inner loops. Users choose the model based on the compiler and accelerator they are using.