The toolchain is based on GCC and is freely available to use without expiration.  Registration to obtain the download link is required.

New releases are made every six months on or about November 1st and May 1st.   With each new release the toolchain components may be updated to include a newer version.  The documentation included with the toolchain has detailed information on the current levels of support for GCC, OpenACC, OpenMP and other toolchain components.

  • Native x86_64 GNU/Linux toolchain
  • C, C++, and Fortran compilers
  • Native GNU debugger support
  • OpenACC support for AMD GCN3 (Fiji) and GCN5 (Vega) discrete GPUs
  • OpenMP support for AMD GCN3 (Fiji) and GCN5 (Vega) discrete GPUs
  • Getting Started Guide


This section briefly lists the important components and features included in Sourcery CodeBench (AMD GCN) Lite for X86_64 GNU/Linux.  The Getting Started Guide, included with the release, has more information on how to install and build applications using the toolchain.  Information on open source licensing is also outlined in the Getting Started Guide.



GNU Programming Tools

GNU Compiler Collection

Separate manual included

GNU Binary Utilities

Separate manual included

Debugging support and simulators

GNU Debugger

Separate manual included

Target Libraries

Newlib C Library

Separate manual included

Native systems library support