The toolchain is based on GCC and is freely available to use without expiration. 

With each new release the toolchain components may be updated to include a newer version.  The documentation included with the toolchain has detailed information on the current levels of support for GCC, OpenACC, OpenMP and other toolchain components.

Sourcery CodeBench (AMD GPU) Lite for x86_64 GNU/Linux is Siemens' free GCC-based compiler, supporting OpenACC and OpenMP with offloading to AMD Radeon (Graphics Core Next, GCN, and Instinct, CDNA) GPUs. Sourcery CodeBench 2022.06, released July 7, 2022, supports OpenACC 2.6 and OpenMP 4.5 for C/C++/Fortran and has partial support for OpenMP 5.0 and 5.1; it supports offloading to gfx803 Fiji (GCN3), gfx900 Vega 10 and gfx906 Vega 20 (GCN5) GPUs and to the CDNA1 Instinct MI100 series devices (gfx908) and CDNA2 Instinct MI200 series devices (gfx90a). The compiler is based on GCC's devel/omp/gcc-11 (og11) branch and supports all GCC 11 features, enriched by OpenACC and OpenMP features from GCC's development branch and AMD GCN improvements such as support for offloading debugging