Discover the Brilliant Work Shaping Science: GTC 2022

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NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) kicks off next week, ushering in four days of discovery that promises to be one of the premier developer conferences for 2022.  This virtual conference—which takes place from March 21-24—brings together preeminent speakers from every walk of academia, research and industry to share how the latest technology and tools are shaping scientific advancement.

Take a sneak peek at some of the technical talks, discussions and training offered at GTC22. The best part? Registration is FREE!

Setting the Tone: GTC Keynote

NVIDIA founder and CEO, Jensen Huang will herald in this year’s conference with a keynote that spotlights the powerful ways to accelerate computing across all levels--from the game console to the data center. 

Scheduled for March 22, the keynote will be live-streamed starting at 8 A.M. PDT. 


OpenACC at GTC

The OpenACC specification continues to provide researchers and computational scientists with an easy onramp for the porting and acceleration of their scientific applications using GPUs. GTC22 offers a great opportunity to delve deeper into real-world use cases using OpenACC, ask experts your specific OpenACC questions, or learn about new tools and techniques to accelerate your high-performance (HPC) projects.  

Learn how researchers at the University of Tokyo used OpenACC to accelerate wave propagation simulations or about new approaches such as JACC, an OpenACC runtime framework that enables the dynamic extension of OpenACC programs by serving as a transparent layer between the program and the compiler. 

See a full list of OpenACC-related sessions at GTC22.

All Things Accelerated Computing

GTC22 has over 900 rich, dynamic sessions for every interest and domain. Prominent researchers and technologists from the leading organizations and national laboratories will share their expertise across focused areas including accelerated computing and developer tools, HPC, computing in the data center, and more.

Additionally, this year’s conference offers an abundance of learning and development choices for all technical skill levels. Starting Monday, March 21st, Learning Day is a full day of learning--from general sessions and getting started with GPU computing to product and SDK deep-dive developer talks. Hands-on DLI workshops are also available, taught by certified instructors.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from top researchers, programming experts and industry pundits. See you at GTC22!


Izumi Barker
Izumi Barker
Izumi Barker is a program manager for GPU hackathons and bootcamps at NVIDIA and public relations manager for OpenACC-Standard.org. Prior to these roles, she held strategic marketing and communications positions at companies across the higher education, life sciences, technology and publishing industries, including University of Phoenix, Cengage Group, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Ernst & Young, LLP.