OpenACC State of the Union from the Open Accelerated Computing Summit

The recent Open Accelerated Computing Summit (OAC Summit) brought together researchers and developers from around the world, sharing significant OpenACC updates and use cases and highlighting relevant modeling, simulation, and AI initiatives advanced by the Open Hackathons program. 

Setting the stage was an update from Jack Wells and Barbara Chapman, President and Vice President respectively of the OpenACC Organization. In their State of the Union address, they honored the Organization’s 12 years of accelerating science through community building, discussed the most recent efforts of vendor and open source compilers that are enabling application developers to exploit modern computing platforms effectively, and presented an update on the OpenACC specification.

OpenACC Organization mission and partners
OpenACC Organization has proudly served its community for 12 years.


Another point of excitement was the continued impact of the Open Hackathons program now celebrating its 10-year anniversary.  With over 500 applications accelerated in part or wholly through the program, the number of Hackathons and Bootcamp training events continues to grow, as does the number of dedicated mentors that share their expertise to advance real-world projects at scale.

Watch the Opening Remarks now to learn more about the OpenACC Organization and efforts.


Izumi Barker
Izumi Barker
Izumi Barker is a program manager for Open Hackathons and Bootcamps and public relations manager for OpenACC organization. Prior to these roles, she held strategic marketing and communications positions at companies across the higher education, life sciences, technology and publishing industries, including University of Phoenix, Cengage Group, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Ernst & Young, LLP.