Upcoming Events

Location Application Deadline Event Date
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China Submissions Closed August 20-24, 2018
CDAC and IISER, Pune, India Submissions Closed September 17-21, 2018

Why Participate
Participating in a hackathon provides a unique opportunity for teams to jumpstart acceleration or optimization of their code on GPUs with OpenACC or any other preferred tools. With the help of two experienced mentors, by the end of the event each team should have significantly accelerate their code or know which steps to take next to continue work.

Why Use GPUs
GPUs have thousands of cores and are proven to be powerful accelerators for parallel codes. Scientist and researchers see 2-10x performance increase while using GPUs for their applications. OpenACC is a directives-based programming model that is designed to help domain experts move their codes to GPUs faster. There is a variety of other tools available and we encourage you to explore the best one for your needs.

How to Prepare

  • Prior GPU knowledge is not required, but we encourage you to become familiar with OpenACC so that you can use your time at the hackathon more efficiently. A free OpenACC Online Course is available to everyone on openacc.org.
  • If your code is over 100,000 lines, please pick a few representative kernels to start working with at the event.

Costs and Prizes
Events are free for participants. Organizers will provide a room, lunches, mentors and access to compute resources. Hackathons are a collaboration and not a competition. The only prizes offered are new levels of performance for your code, time with experts, ability to run on supercomputers and unforgettable experience that might bring you closer to a new paper or talk.

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2018 Hackathon Call

What is your team name? Go ahead, be creative.
What does your application do? What is the size (LOC)? What language(s) and libraries are used in this app? Describe the current performance characteristics. Where does it run? (CPU, GPU) Describe what you envision in performance gains by porting to GPUs. Is it Open Source? Describe the size of your user community and the impact it might have. (Please answer all of the questions)
Tell us about your team so we can better pair your team with experts. What is their familiarity with the application? What is their technical experience/background? Please add a statement on what you expect this hackathon will add to your teams experience.
We encourage teams to send as many team members as possible, including those early in their career and from underrepresented groups in HPC. A team between 3-6 members is ideal
List the following information about your team members, including you Order
Hackathom team members
With at least 2 people per app. If so, list the apps below along with the team members expected to work on them.
Desktop, local clusters, HPC centers, etc.
Which HPC sites do you currently use? *
Don't worry, this is just for statistical purposes.
What is the licensing of your application? *
Describe what sorts of algorithms dominate your application, especially the ones your team is targeting for acceleration.


Photographs of Participants may be taken during the OpenACC GPU HACKATHONs and be later published in various media by Organizer or Venue, without payment or other consideration to Participants, to share information pertaining to the OpenACC GPU HACKATHONs.