The free Introduction to OpenACC course is designed to help you start accelerating your code with OpenACC. The course is comprised of three instructor-led classes that include interactive lectures with dedicated Q&A sections and hands-on exercises. The course covers analyzing performance, parallelizing and optimizing your code.

While this course does not assume any previous experience with OpenACC directives or GPU programming in general, programming experience with C, C++, or Fortran is desirable.

Date Topic
October 18, 2018 Class #1 - OpenACC Basics (1 hour lecture and 30 minutes Q&A). Q&As
October 25, 2018 Class #2 - GPU Programming with OpenACC (1 hour lecture and 30 minutes Q&A)
November 1, 2018 Class #3 - Optimizing and Best Practices for OpenACC (1 hour lecture and 30 minutes Q&A)

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