We are preparing a packed agenda and also looking forward to learning more about your requests for features, feedback and suggestions for OpenACC to continue to enable more science and less programming. A full agenda will be published shortly. See you at SC21!


  • Welcome and OpenACC Organizational Update
  • OpenACC Specification Update
  • Compiler Implementations
    • HPE Updates: Barbara Chapman, HPE
    • GCC Updates: Catherine Moore, Siemens 
  • Porting Scientific Applications with OpenACC: Real-world Use Cases
    • On the Road to Code Portability: Stéphane Ethier, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)
      PPPL scientists have successfully ported several codes to NVIDIA GPUs using the OpenACC programming model. It has been our preferred approach due to its ease of implementation and non-interference with the CPU code. While the hope was that OpenACC would become the de facto directive-based programming model for accelerators of all types, it appears that OpenMP is now being promoted more forcefully. Unfortunately, this transition period can be painful for developers who have to work with immature implementations. 
  • Training and Education