Jul. 29, 2020
OpenACC Monthly Highlights Slideshare: July 2020

This month's OpenACC Highlights focuses on OpenACC Summit 2020 and GPU Bootcamp,a complete schedule of upcoming events, OpenACC and base language parallelism, FortranCon2020, VASP 6, OmpSs-2@OpenACC version of the ZIPC application, new resources and more.

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Jul. 23, 2020

In the context of the EPEEC project, the organization is introducing support for tasks written in OpenACC or with the OpenMP target directives, to exploit heterogeneous environments with SMP cores and GPUs. The current status of the development is that the organization has integrated their OmpSs-2 programming model with the PGI compiler, and are able to generate parallel tasks automatically for the GPUs, based on directive annotations.

Jun. 25, 2020
OpenACC Monthly Highlights Slideshare: June 2020

This month's OpenACC Highlights focuses on using OpenACC for a biophysics problem, upcoming events, kicking off the 2020 GPU Hackathon series, HPC Summit Digital and more.

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Jun. 24, 2020
OmpSs-2 programming model

The Programming Models group at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) has published a new release (version 2020.06) of the OmpSs-2 programming model. In this release, we have added several new major features such as a compiler based on LLVM, an integrated tracing tool, and support for OpenACC kernels. Moreover, we have optimized the scheduler infrastructure, the memory allocator and the discrete dependency system to improve performance and scalability of OmpSs-2 applications on many-core systems.