May. 24, 2017

Many hands make light work, or so they say. So do many cores, many threads and many data points when addressed by a single computing instruction. Parallel programming – writing code that breaks down computing problems into small parts that run in unison – has always been a challenge. Since 2011, OpenACC has been gradually making it easier.  OpenACC is a de facto standard set of parallel extensions to Fortran, C and C++ designed to enable portable parallel programming across a variety of computing platforms.

May. 18, 2017

“The second in a series of short videos to introduce you to parallel programming with OpenACC and the PGI compilers, using C++ or Fortran. You will learn by example how to build a simple example program, how to add OpenACC directives, and to rebuild the program for parallel execution on a multicore system. To get the most out of this video, you should download the example programs and follow along on your workstation.”

Apr. 26, 2017

The GCOE will present at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2017, May 8-11, in Silicon Valley, organized by Nvidia. There will be more than 500 sessions during the four days, where the GCOE will participate in multiple events