Mar. 2, 2018

The interview with Doug Miles from PGI with The Next Platform covering OpenACC advances over time and the future goals of simplifying parallel programming.

Mar. 1, 2018

  • Support for Intel Skylake, IBM POWER9 and AMD Zen
  • AVX-512 code generation on compatible Intel processors
  • Full OpenACC 2.6 directives-based parallel programming on both Tesla GPUs and multicore CPUs
  • OpenMP 4.5 for x86-64 and OpenPOWER multicore CPUs
  • Integrated CUDA 9.1 toolkit and libraries for Tesla GPUs including V100 Volta
  • Partial C++17 support and GCC 7.2 interoperability
  • New PGI fastmath intrinsics library including AVX-512 support
  • And more
Feb. 28, 2018

OpenACC February 2018 Highlights are full of the latest OpenACC news, events, user community, resources and more. Learn about OpenACC and join upcoming events.

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